Principles Of Artificial Intelligence

Principles Of Artificial Intelligence - 21AI54

Module - 1

Introduction: What is AI? Foundations and History of AI
Intelligent Agents: Agents and environment, Concept of Rationality, The nature of environment, The
structure of agents.

Module - 2

Problem‐solving: Problem‐solving agents, Example problems, Searching for Solutions Uninformed Search
Strategies: Breadth First search, Depth First Search, Iterative deepening depth first search;

Module - 3

Informed Search Strategies: Heuristic functions, Greedy best first search, A*search. Heuristic Functions
Logical Agents: Knowledge–based agents, The Wumpus world, Logic, Propositional logic, Reasoning patterns
in Propositional Logic

Module - 4

First Order Logic: Representation Revisited, Syntax and Semantics of First Order logic, Using First Order
Inference in First Order Logic :Propositional Versus First Order Inference, Unification, Forward Chaining,
Backward Chaining, Resolution

Module - 5

Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning: Quantifying Uncertainty: Acting under Uncertainty, Basic
Probability Notation, Inference using Full Joint Distributions, Independence, Baye’s Rule and its use. Wumpus
World Revisited

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