Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies - 21CIV57

Module - 1

Ecosystems (Structure and Function): Forest, Desert, Wetlands, River, Oceanic and Lake.

Biodiversity: Types, Value; Hot-spots; Threats and Conservation of biodiversity, Forest Wealth,
and Deforestation.

Module - 2

Advances in Energy Systems (Merits, Demerits, Global Status and Applications): Hydrogen,
Solar, OTEC, Tidal and Wind.

Natural Resource Management (Concept and case-studies): Disaster Management, Sustainable
Mining,case studiesng, and Carbon Trading.

Module - 3

Environmental Pollution (Sources, Impacts, Corrective and Preventive measures, Relevant
Environmental Acts, Case-studies): Surface and Ground Water Pollution; Noise pollution; Soil
Pollution and Air Pollution.

Waste Management & Public Health Aspects: Bio-medical Wastes; Solid waste; Hazardous
wastes; E-wastes; Industrial and Municipal Sludge.

Module - 4

Global Environmental Concerns (Concept, policies and case-studies):

 Ground water depletion/recharging, Climate Change; Acid Rain; Ozone Depletion; Radon and Fluoride problem in drinking water; Resettlement and rehabilitation of people, Environmental Toxicology

Module - 5

Latest Developments in Environmental Pollution Mitigation Tools (Concept and
Applications): G.I.S. & Remote Sensing, Environment Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Systems, ISO14001; 

Environmental Stewardship- NGOs. Field work: Visit to an
Environmental Engineering Laboratory or Green Building or Water Treatment Plant or Waste
water treatment Plant; ought to be Followed by understanding of process and its brief

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