Circuits & Controls 21EC43

Circuits and Controls 21EC43

Module 1`

Basic concepts and network theorems Types of Sources, Loop analysis, Nodal analysis with independent DC and AC Excitations.

Module 2

Two port networks: Short- circuit Admittance parameters, Open- circuit Impedance parameters, Transmission parameters, Hybrid parameters  Laplace transform and its Applications: Step Ramp, Impulse, Solution of networks using Laplace transform, Initial value and final value theorem

Module 3

Basic Concepts and representation:
Types of control systems, effect of feedback systems, differential equation of physical systems (only
electrical systems), Introduction to block diagrams, transfer functions, Signal Flow Graphs

Module 4

Time Response analysis: Time response of first order systems. Time response of second order systems, time response specifications of second order systems Stability Analysis: Concepts of stability necessary condition for stability, Routh stability criterion,
relative stability Analysis

Module 5

Root locus: Introduction the root locus concepts, construction of root loci 
Frequency Domain analysis and stability: Correlation between time and frequency response and Bode plots  State Variable Analysis: Introduction to state variable analysis: Concepts of state, state variable and
state models. State model for Linear continuous –Time systems, solution of state equations.

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