Object Oriented Programming with JAVA BCS306A

Object Oriented Programming with JAVA BCS306A

Module 1`

An Overview of Java: Object-Oriented Programming (Two Paradigms, Abstraction, The Three OOP
Principles), Using Blocks of Code, Lexical Issues (Whitespace, Identifiers, Literals, Comments,
Separators,The Java Keywords). Data Types, Variables, and Arrays: The Primitive Types (Integers, Floating-Point Types, Characters, Booleans), Variables, Type Conversion and Casting, Automatic Type Promotion in Expressions, Arrays, Introducing Type Inference with Local Variables.
Operators: Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Boolean Logical Operators, The Assignment Operator, The ? Operator, Operator Precedence, Using Parentheses.
Control Statements: Java’s Selection Statements (if, The Traditional switch), Iteration Statements
(while, do-while, for, The For-Each Version of the for Loop, Local Variable Type Inference in a for Loop, Nested Loops), Jump Statements (Using break, Using continue, return).

Module 2

Introducing Classes: Class Fundamentals, Declaring Objects, Assigning Object Reference Variables, Introducing Methods, Constructors, The this Keyword, Garbage Collection.
Methods and Classes: Overloading Methods, Objects as Parameters, Argument Passing, Returning
Objects, Recursion, Access Control, Understanding static, Introducing final, Introducing Nested and Inner Classes.

Module 3

Inheritance: Inheritance Basics, Using super, Creating a Multilevel Hierarchy, When Constructors AreExecuted, Method Overriding, Dynamic Method Dispatch, Using Abstract Classes, Using final with Inheritance, Local Variable Type Inference and Inheritance, The Object Class.Interfaces: Interfaces, Default Interface Methods, Use static Methods in an Interface, Private InterfaceMethods.

Module 4

Packages: Packages, Packages and Member Access, Importing Packages.
Exceptions: Exception-Handling Fundamentals, Exception Types, Uncaught Exceptions, Using try and catch, Multiple catch Clauses, Nested try Statements, throw, throws, finally, Java’s Built-in Exceptions, Creating Your Own Exception Subclasses, Chained Exceptions.

Module 5

Multithreaded Programming: The Java Thread Model, The Main Thread, Creating a Thread, Creating Multiple Threads, Using isAlive() and join(), Thread Priorities, Synchronization, Interthread Communication, Suspending, Resuming, and Stopping Threads, Obtaining a Thread’s State.Enumerations, Type Wrappers and Autoboxing: Enumerations (Enumeration Fundamentals, The values() and valueOf() Methods), Type Wrappers (Character, Boolean, The Numeric Type Wrappers), Autoboxing (Autoboxing and Methods, Autoboxing/Unboxing Occurs in Expressions, Autoboxing/Unboxing Boolean and Character Values).

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