Fluid Mechanics 21ME43

Fluid Mechanics 21ME43

Module 1`

Introduction: Definition and properties, types of fluids, pressure at a point in static fluid, variation of pressure, Pascal’s
Law, (To be reviewed in class but not for examination)
Pressure- absolute, gauge, vacuum, pressure measurement by manometers and gauges, hydrostatic pressure on plane
submerged bodies. Buoyance and metacentre, Stability of submerged bodies
Fluid Kinematics: Velocity of fluid particle, types of fluid flow, streamlines, path-lines and streak-lines continuity
equation, acceleration of fluid particle, strain rate, vorticity, stream function, potential function, Circulation, Reynolds
transport theorem

Module 2

Fluid Dynamics: Introduction, Forces acting on fluid in motion, Linear momentum equation, Impact of jets, Moment of
momentum equation, Euler’s equation of motion along a streamline,
Bernoulli’s equation – assumptions and limitations. Introduction to Navier-Stokes equation, Venturi-meters, orificemeters,
rectangular and triangular notches, pitot tubes, Rota-meter, electromagnetic flow meter

Module 3

Laminar and Turbulent flow: Flow through circular pipe, between parallel plates, Power absorbed in viscous flow in
bearings, Poiseuille equation
Loss of head due to friction in pipes, Major and minor losses, pipes in series and parallel.

Module 4

Flow over bodies: Development of boundary layer, Lift and Drag, Flow around circular cylinders, spheres, aerofoils and
flat plates, Streamlined and bluff bodies, boundary layer separation and its control.
Dimensional Analysis: Derived quantities, dimensions of physical quantities, dimensional homogeneity, Rayleigh
method, Buckingham Pi-theorem, dimensionless numbers, similitude, types of similitude

Module 5

Compressible flows: Speed of sound, adiabatic and isentropic steady flow, Isentropic flow with area change stagnation
and sonic properties, normal and oblique shocks, flow through nozzles.
Introduction to CFD: Necessity, limitations, philosophy behind CFD, applications

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