BPOPS103/203 Principles of Programming Using C

BPOPS103/203 Principles of Programming Using C

Syllabus Copy

Module - 1

Introduction to C

Introduction to computers, input and output devices, designing efficient
programs. Introduction to C, Structure of C program, Files used in a C program,
Compilers, Compiling and executing C programs, variables, constants, Input/output
statements in C,

Module - 2

Operators in C, Type conversion and typecasting.

Decision control and Looping statements: 

Introduction to decision control, Conditional
branching statements, iterative statements, nested loops, break and continue statements,
goto statement.

Module - 3


Introduction using functions, Function definition, function declaration, function call, return statement, passing parameters to functions, scope of variables, storage classes, recursive functions.


Declaration of arrays, accessing the elements of an array, storing values in arrays, Operations on arrays, Passing arrays to functions, two dimensional arrays, operations on two-dimensional arrays, twodimensional arrays to functions, multidimensional arrays, applications of arrays.

Module - 4

Strings and Pointers:

Introduction, string taxonomy, operations on strings, Miscellaneous string and character functions, arrays of strings.


Introduction to pointers, declaring pointer variables, Types of pointers, Passing arguments to functions using pointers

Module - 5

Structure, Union, and Enumerated Data Type:

Introduction, structures and functions, Unions, unions inside structures, Enumerated data type.


Introduction to files, using files in C, reading and writing data files. , Detecting end of file

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