BETCK105I/205I Introduction to Cyber Security
BETCK105I/205I Introduction to Cyber Security

Syllabus Copy

Module - 1

Introduction to Cybercrime


 Definition and Origins of the Word, Cybercrime and Information Security, Who are Cybercriminals? Classifications of Cybercrimes, An Indian Perspective, Hacking and Indian Laws., Global Perspectives

Module - 2

Cyber Offenses

How Criminals Plan Them:Introduction, How criminals plan the attacks, Social Engineering, Cyber Stalking, Cybercaafe & cybercrimes.

Botnets:The fuel for cybercrime, Attack Vector.

Module - 3

Tools and Methods used in Cybercrime

Introduction, Proxy Servers, Anonymizers, Phishing, Password Cracking, Key Loggers and Spyways, Virus and Worms, Trozen Horses and Backdoors, Steganography, DoS and DDOS Attackes, Attacks on Wireless networks.

Module - 4

Phishing and Identity Theft

 Introduction, methods of phishing, phishing,phising techniques, spear phishing, types of phishing scams, phishing toolkits and spy phishing, counter measures, Identity Theft

Module - 5

Understnading Computer Forensics

Introdcution, Historical Background of Cyberforensics, Digital Foresics Science, Need for Computer Foresics, Cyber Forensics and Digital Evidence, Digital Forensic Life cycle, Chain of Custody Concepts, network forensics.

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