BETCK105E/205E Renewable Energy Sources
BETCK105E/205E Renewable Energy Sources

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Module - 1


Principles of renewable energy; energy and sustainable development, fundamentals and social implications. worldwide renewable energy availability, renewable energy availability in India, brief descriptions on solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, oil shale. Introduction to Internet of energy (IOE).

Module - 2

Solar Energy

Fundamentals; Solar Radiation; Estimation of solar radiation on horizontal and inclined surfaces; Solar radiation Measurements- Pyrheliometers, Pyrometer, Sunshine Recorder.Solar Thermal systems: Flat plate collector; Solar distillation; Solar pond electric power plant. 

Solar electric power generation

 Principle of Solar cell, Photovoltaic system for electric power generation, advantages, Disadvantages and applications of solar photovoltaic system.

Module - 3

Wind Energy

Properties of wind, availability of wind energy in India, wind velocity and power from wind; major problems associated with wind power, Basic components of wind energy conversion system (WECS); Classification of WECS- Horizontal axis- single, double and muliblade system. Vertical axis- Savonius and darrieus types. 

Biomass Energy

Introduction; Photosynthesis Process; Biofuels; Biomass Resources; Biomass conversion technologies-fixed dome; Urban waste to energy conversion; Biomass gasification (Downdraft) .

Module - 4

Tidal Power

Tides and waves as energy suppliers and their mechanics; fundamental characteristics of tidal power, harnessing tidal energy, advantages and limitations.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Principle of working, OTEC power stations in the world, problems associated with OTEC.

Module - 5

Green Energy

Introduction, Fuel cells: Classification of fuel cells – H2; Operating principles, Zeroenergy Concepts. Benefits of hydrogen energy, hydrogen production technologies (electrolysis method only), hydrogen energy storage, applications of hydrogen energy, problem associated with hydrogen energy.

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