BCEDK103/203 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing

BCEDK103/203 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing

Syllabus Copy

Module - 1


for CIE only Significance of Engineering drawing, BIS Conventions of Engineering Drawing, Free hand sketching of engineering drawing, Scales. Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting software, Co-ordinate system and reference planes HP, VP, RPP & LPP of 2D/3D environment. Selection of drawing sheet size and scale. Commands and creation of Lines, coordinate points, axes, polylines, square, rectangle, polygons, splines, circles, ellipse, text, move, copy, off-set, mirror, rotate, trim, extend, break, chamfer, fillet and curves. 

Orthographic Projections of Points, Lines and Planes: 

Introduction to Orthographic projections: Orthographic projections of points in 1st and 3rd quadrants. Orthographic projections of lines (Placed in First quadrant only). Orthographic projections of planes viz triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, and circular laminae (Placed in First quadrant only using change of position method).

Application on projections of Lines & Planes (For CIE only)

Module - 2

Orthographic Projection of Solids:

Orthographic projection of right regular solids (Solids Resting on HP only): Prisms & Pyramids (triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon), Cylinders, Cones, Cubes &Tetrahedron.

Projections of Frustum of cone and pyramids (For practice only, not for CIE and SEE)

Module - 3

Isometric Projections:

Isometric scale, Isometric projection of hexahedron (cube), right regular prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres. Isometric projection of combination of two simple solids.

 Conversion of simple isometric drawings into orthographic views.

 Problems on applications of Isometric projections of simple objects / engineering components.

Introduction to drawing views using 3D environment (For CIE only).

Module - 4

Development of Lateral Surfaces of Solids:

Development of lateral surfaces of right regular prisms, cylinders, pyramids and cones resting with base on HP only. Development of lateral surfaces of their frustums and truncations. Problems on applications of development of lateral surfaces like funnels and trays.

Problems on applications of development of lateral surfaces of transition pieces connecting circular duct and rectangular duct (For CIE Only)

Module - 5

Multidisciplinary Applications & Practice (For CIE Only):

Free hand Sketching; True free hand, Guided Free hand, Roads, Buildings, Utensils, Hand tools & Furniture’s etc 

Drawing Simple Mechanisms; Bicycles, Tricycles, Gear trains, Ratchets, two-wheeler cart &Four-wheeler carts to dimensions etc 

Electric Wiring and lighting diagrams; Like, Automatic fire alarm, Call bell system, UPS system, Basic power distribution system using suitable software 

Basic Building Drawing; Like, Architectural floor plan, basic foundation drawing, steel structures- Frames, bridges, trusses using Auto CAD or suitable software

Electronics Engineering Drawings- Like, Simple Electronics Circuit Drawings, practice on layers concept. 

Graphs & Charts: Like, Column chart, Pie chart, Line charts, Gantt charts, etc. using Microsoft Excel or any suitable software.

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