Analog And Digital Electronics 21CS33
Analog And Digital Electronics 21CS33

Module - 1

BJT Biasing: Fixed bias, Collector to base Bias, voltage divider bias
Operational Amplifier Application Circuits: Peak Detector, Schmitt trigger, Active Filters, Non-Linear Amplifier, Relaxation Oscillator, Current-to-Voltage and Voltage-to-Current Converter, Regulated Power Supply Parameters, adjustable voltage regulator, D to A and A to D converter.

Module - 2

Karnaugh maps: minimum forms of switching functions, two and three variable Karnaugh maps, four variable Karnaugh maps, determination of minimum expressions using essential prime implicants, Quine-McClusky Method: determination of prime implicants, the prime implicant chart, Petricks method, simplification of incompletely specified functions, simplification using map-entered variables

Module - 3

Combinational circuit design and simulation using gates: Review of Combinational circuit design, design of circuits with limited Gate Fan-in, Gate delays and Timing diagrams, Hazards in combinational Logic, simulation and testing of logic circuits
Multiplexers, Decoders and Programmable Logic Devices: Multiplexers, three state buffers, decoders and encoders, Programmable Logic devices.

Module - 4

Introduction to VHDL: VHDL description of combinational circuits, VHDL Models for multiplexers, VHDL Modules.
Latches and Flip-Flops: Set Reset Latch, Gated Latches, Edge-Triggered D Flip Flop 3,SR Flip Flop, J K Flip Flop, T Flip Flop.

Module - 5

Registers and Counters: Registers and Register Transfers, Parallel Adder with accumulator, shift registers, design of Binary counters, counters for other sequences, counter design using SR and J K Flip Flops.

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